• Honey & Lime Bar
  • Honey & Lime Bar
  • Honey & Lime Bar
  • Honey & Lime Bar

Honey & Lime Bar

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Honey & Lime Bar  


Helps in anti-aging, acne control, dark spot reduction & gives your skin an enhanced glow.  


Ingredients: Glycerin Soap Base, Lime E.O., Honey, Lime Rind, Vitamin E Oil.


Recommended for: Oily to Normal Skin Type  



  • Honey is naturally Moisturizing and Soothing.
  • It also helps in Clarifying the skin & is Naturally Anti-Bacterial
  • Honey is fantastic for Treating Acne & Anti-Aging.
  • It also helps with General Complexion & Brightening
  • Lime helps fade Stretch Marks.
  • Lime is also an Anti-Astringent & naturally Anti-Fungal.


How To Use:

Sugar Plum Soap can be used on both Face & Body.

Apply on damp skin in circular motions until lather is formed.

Massage well & Rinse off the lather.

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